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The xvideos Downloader is a magic device that can download videos from the xvideo and watch them offline!

Doesn't it feel too much trouble to watch online every time? And traffic consumption is also a problem...

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This app is free of charge. It will not steal user information, please use it at ease

If Android device is used for installation, the following steps are required
Settting > Security > allow to install external source applications

Function introduction

Video download function

Download popular videos from xvideo to mobile phone, and watch them anytime and anywhere!

Popularity ranking display (day, week, month)

Too many videos to find? Quickly search for popular videos through leaderboards!

Ranking and updating represent special adaptations

Ranking and the latest video show are specially adapted for iPhone and Android, double the efficiency!

Loop Playback

Isn't it enough to play it once? Let's use the loop!


iOS Download and Installation Guide


You will be asked to ‘trust’ the Enterprise developer certificate during the first time installation of the Clip Data.


Back to the desktop and do the next step:

[Settings]→[General]→[Device Management]


Click , "Trust" button and trust it.

From now on you can have fun with xvideo.